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Example: Manual Setup

In this section we will walk you through setting up delivery of some offers to us in a manual simplified manner.

  • This is intended to get you aquainted with terminology and our process, not as a final solution
  • This does not auto update your prices from your e-commerce platform, it requires manual editing of a spreadsheet
Quickstart is not best practice

This is one of the simplest and quickest ways to get results from our feeds, but it´s not the way we recommend you to do it since this will not automatically update prices from your eCommerce system!


  1. Right click this link and choose Save Link As to get the minimal CSV file example

  2. Import into a Google Spreadsheet by uploading the CSV file you just downloaded

    Import into Google SpreadSheet

  3. Add your offers on new rows

    Add offers

  4. Make the spreadsheet accessible for everyone the public URL of the spreadsheet

    Make the spreadsheet accessible for everyone

    You now have a publically hosted spreadsheet with your offers!

  5. Get a CSV export of your spreadsheet by changing the spreadsheet URL

    Copy your spreadsheet URL, it should look similar to this

    Append the following to the end of your url to create a csv export URL


  6. Add the resulting URL from step 5 to Business Center and use it as feed url

  7. Wait until an ingestion run have taken place (see status in Business Center)

  8. Done, your offers will be available on shortly!