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This documentation covers everything related to Prisjakt feed specifications from basics to advanced incremental reading. Explore articles to learn more about accepted formats, supported attributes and good practices when working with data feeds. Prisjakt feed specification enables you to easily integrate your inventory with Prisjakt price comparison engine.

How to Use This Documentation

To get you started we have organized this documentation in the sidebar menu to the left in the following sections:

  • Overview section will give you basic terminology, a quick start guide and some best practices
  • Example files is when you simply want to copy and paste or look at the final end result directly
  • Fields contain specifics, error codes or copy & paste examples for each individual field we support
  • Terminology is a reference section with terms and definitions
  • Types Of Feeds will guide you through the different alternatives you have of providing your inventory to us
  • Infrastructure has information of how to set up and configure your infrastructure in the best possible way for serving your content to us
  • Advanced goes into detail on how to handle the tricky cases and dealing with the layout and formats of your data
  • FAQ has the guidance or answers to the most common questions asked
Search Documentation

In the top right corner you will find a search bar that can be used to search this documentation. Typical good things to search for can be:

  • Field names such as gtin
  • Error codes such as validation_gtin_invalid_check_digit

But of course you can use any free text you want in order to find what you are looking for.

Found Any Issues?

If you find any issues in this documentation such as

  • Spelling or linguistics
  • Content wise (some statement that is wrong)
  • Things that need clarification
  • Layout problems

Please do not hesitate to contact us about it! You can either: