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Required vs Optional Fields

Supply Information

You should always strive towards supplying as much (and correct) information as possible.

Required Fields​

Required Field

This field is required and must not be omitted

There are some fields, we simply cannot be without and this depends on which file format and entity (offer, promotion, product) you are working with.

You can find the required field for each respective fileformat and entity in the sidebar under the respective <Entity> Feed / File Formats / <Format> / Required Fields

The following fields are required for an offer to show, you can see an example of the minimal required fields in action here

Optional Fields​

Optional Field

This field is optional, but omitting it may leave out functionality on Prisjakt for your offers

Most fields in Prisjakt are optional, which means that you donΒ΄t have to supply them. Your offer will be indexed anyway. Please note that this may limit the functionality we can present for your offer. You can find detailed information of each field in the sidebar under <Entity> Feed / Fields / <Field>


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Complete list of required fields

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List of Promotion Feed fields